Facebook Testing VoIP based Free Calling Service for Messenger Users

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites ever with no less than 24 million unique visitors per day. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook has been steadily pushing Facebook for mobile users with the result that they currently have 196 million mobile app users to date.  Most of these use the popular Messenger app to keep in touch with each other so Facebook have decided to take it one step further.


Messenger users can now send voice messages to each other using the app following an update to the system last Thursday.  It is easy to do although there is room for error if users are not careful – simply tap on the + button beside the message box, press on RECORD, hold it down and record your message. When you are finished, let go and the message will be sent automatically.  If you change your mind halfway through the message, slide your finger off the button and it will stop recording.

Canadian users are testing out VoIP-based software, enabling them to be able to call each other wherever they are provided they have an internet connection. f this trial works out successfully then eventually this system will be rolled out across the world.  This is all great news for Facebook Mobile App users and here’s hoping that it proves to be successful, especially as it isn’t always convenient or easy to type text messages or emails.