Facebook Rolls Out PhotoSyncing

The worlds largest ever social networking site has started a roll-out of their latest feature. Facebook is introducing Photo Sync which means that, any photo you take on your iOS device will be automatically uploaded to a private folder on your Facebook account.  But how have Facebook managed to do this without infringing on and breaking Apple’s rules of privacy? Quite simply, by using standard API calls that assist with background downloads rather than location ones.

facebook photo sync iphone

There are other third-party iOS apps that already do this, such as Drop Box or Google+ and the whole idea is to make photo uploads a much simpler process.  For those that are terrified of what might appear on their Facebook pages, worry no more. The only person that can see what is uploaded is you as they go into an unpublished album and you decide if and what you want to publish.

For those of you that already have access to this app and want to give it a try, here’s how :

From the Facebook iOS App:

  1. Go to your photos app in the right side navigation
  2. Tap Photos
  3. Tap Sync at the bottom of your photos section

From Facebook’s Web Interface

  1. Go to your timeline
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Click on Synced From Phone at the top of your photos section

This will enable the application and will allow th automatic uploads to take place.  Each new photo you take on your device will be uploaded automatically, as it is taken but this can be changed in your settings if, say for example you only want to do it once a week.

It is a very early version of a new feature so expect some teething problems. It’s too early to say if it will be a success or if it will just be another part of your privacy, or lack of,  that Facebook will take for granted.

Source : Facebook . Make sure you read the new Facebook Site Usage Policy (as on Nov 22 ’12) and the recent changes in the Data Usage Policy .