Facebook has More Android Users than iOS

Facebook has long been one of the largest and most successful of the social networking sites although, until recently, this was only the web-based resource. The main reason for this was, because of its cross-platform status, the mobile app was always very slow and unstable. However, when Facebook acquired Instagram things started to change.  The time had come for them to make the necessary changes to bring Facebook for Mobiles up to date and more accessible. As well as updating their apps, they also released several successful standalone apps, such as Messenger and Poke. Now with the help of data collected by Enders Analysis, we can see what devices and firmware are being used to access Facebook Mobile.


The person responsible for the data is Benedict Evans. Because of some inaccurate calculations within the Facebook Mobile website, he admits that some of his data is not quite right, however, although Facebook have not commented yet, the rest of the figures look to be accurate. So let’s have a quick look at the difference between 2011 and 2012:

Android66 million users192.8 million users
iOS91 million users47.2 million users.


These are based on the number of monthly active users.  Because of the huge increase in Android users, Facebook registered and enormous 604 million users by 30th November 2012, more than 50% of their total number of users including web-based.

However, although the Android figures surpass iOS by quite a lot, these figures are only for iPhones. In September 2011, Facebook had registered around 2 million iPad users but, by the end of September 2012 this figure had shot up to 48 million. Nobody knows how the future will pan out for Facebook Mobile but it is highly likely that, based on this success, Facebook will probably release a lot more apps and features this year.

Source : Ben-Evans.com