Face Recognition Security on iPhone 4

RecognizeMe is a face recognition jailbreak app that brings biometric face recognition to unlock your iPhone . Instead of typing in your password , you can simply make use of your facetime camera to scan and verify you as the owner of the device .

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face recognition jailbreak app-

It matches the face with the preset database . First you need to train it to be able to recognize your face correctly . Upon failure , it will ask you to enter the passcode to unlock your phone .

verification failed

I think this is a cool application for the front facing face-time camera  , giving you one more reason to jailbreak your device . For more action , check out the video below .

RecognizeMe – BioMetric Facial Recognition based Lock for iPhone 4 :

Download and Installation :

Hopefully this app will work on all face-time enabled devices like iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 iPad 2(which is yet to be jailbroken) . RecognizeMe is coming up in Cydia for $6.99 . Stay tuned as we update you as soon as the Cydia app is up for download . Expected release within 24 hrs .

Update : RecognizeMe is now available for download via BigBoss Repository . To download , launch Cydia and search RecognizeMe and install it. According to author notes , it is  compatible to use facetime camera on iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 whenever the jailbreak  for it is released . The threshold for biometric facial verification is adjustable and you can add – remove this feature anytime . This works even on low light and excess light areas aswell.

download recognize-me face recognition

Please Note : This app acts as an alternate and not as a replacement for passcode lock . You can still chose to unlock your device with the password .