Estimated 8 Million iPhone 5 Pre-Ordered Till Date

The iPhone 5 has smashed the records of all previous iPhones, an indeed smartphones in general, by selling 2 million units in the first 24 hours of being available to pre order. In that day (14th Sept) it sold out, sent the delivery time from several days up to 3 three weeks and stunned all the Apple employees by selling double the amount than the iPhone 4S.

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Whether Apple can maintain this phenomenal burst of sales is the question. 2 million may seem a lot but if only ten handsets sell after that then it won’t be quite as good . However, according to Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, a leading investment bank, the possibility of Apple not only maintaining but also carrying on this amazing sales rate will not be hard.

Source : Apple

Seeing as the iPhone 5 has doubled the sales of last year’s 4S, from 1 million to 2 million, and that last year’s pre orders made up only 25% of the overall sales in the launch weekend alone, making the sales of the 4S around the 4 million it isn’t hard to see how Apple could be facing a rather hectic weekend. Taking these figures into consideration makes the projection of an 8 million unit sale very feasible for the new phone.

Looking forward into the first quarter sees Shaw Wu from Sterne Agee, a brokerage firm, predicting that the sales from the iPhone 5 will reach an enormous 46.5 million in the months classed as the first quarter of 2013 (October 2012 – December 2012). Click on the image below to enlarge .

iPhone 5 sale 2012 pre-order

This will be an amazing achievement for Apple, whose previous sales reached 37 million in the first quarter or 2012, making these projected figures a record breaker.

Compared to where the company was only a couple of years ago with the iPhone 4 pulling (only!) 600,000 pre orders in the first 24 hours this figure shows that while critics may slate the new iPhone Apple are actually enticing a significantly larger number of people to buy their phones.

Along with the launch of the iOS 6 (download now) and the release and rumored release of the iPods and iPads Apple are pulling out all the stops to ensure the public are being swamped with a lot of new gadget that no doubt a lot of parents, and partners, will find at the top of their beloved’s Christmas list!

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Because of the massive demand for the phone some customers will be receiving their phone on or around the 21st September as planned whilst the others will have to wait until the new batches are sent out in October. Although those customers may not begrudge the couple of weeks delay as it will save them standing outside their local store for hours this weekend .

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