Evasi0n Jailbreak Reaches 14 Million Jailbreak Users

It took a long time to get here but, on February 4th, the untethered 6.1 jailbreak was finally released.  Towards the end of last year many thought that it would never happen; that Apple had finally gotten the better of the development teams and jailbreaking was dead. However, recent figures show that this is far from the truth.

Jay Saurik, creator of Cydia and otherwise known as Saurik tells us that, since the release of the jailbreak tool, evasi0n, there are no less than 14 million devices running Cydia.  And that’s just those on iOS 6.x – add in the number of people who are on another version of firmware and the figure stands at over 23 million.

Since the release of iOS 6.1 Apple has knocked out 2 updates to fix serious security and connectivity issues. Each release had the jailbreak community collectively holding their breath to see if the update would affect the jailbreak – they didn’t. However – there’s always a “but” – iOS 6.1.3 Beta was sent to developers a couple of weeks ago and, following testing by the dev team, it’s confirmed that it will kill the jailbreak.  If you no longer want your jailbreak or don’t want to do it again in the future, by all means upgrade your firmware when the update is released.  If you do want your jailbreak, do not touch the update.