Enable LED Flash Notification Alert on iPhone 4S

If you are a iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S owner , you can use the LED Flash on the back of your phone to get Alert during incoming calls and Notifications for SMS messagesĀ  , Emails etc . This is great feature those who would prefer having visual alertĀ  than an audio or vibration alert . Follow the tutorial below to activate LED notification on your iPhone .

Steps to Activate LED Flash Notification :

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down until you find “LED Flash for Alerts” tab
  2. Slide the toggle switch to ON as shown in the image below

led flash light enable iPhone 5

Note : This is a hidden feature on LED Flash based iPhone models and works only when the ringer is mute . For that you have to flip the switch on the side of your iPhone and disable all sound alerts . Continued use of the flash may decrease battery life on the iPhone .

Flash Strobe Light :

You can also add strobe light and flash light using Free apps on the app store . For instance iLights is one such app that acts as a flash light and a strobe light which continuously blinks with adjustable strobe speed . The app is optimized to launch very fast . Now throw a party anywhere with the strobe light ! You can download the app here .

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