Enable Facetime on Iphone 3GS – Jailbreak App

There is no front camera so there is no Facetime on iphone 3GS. However this Iphone 3GS accessory can be used to reflect the image of your face on the rear camera . There is one jailbreak app recently released by IphoneIslam named FaceIt which allows facetime calling on iphone 3GS .

faceit 3gs

This jailbreak tweak is available for free download when you add the following repository in Cydia Sources http://apps.iphoneislam.com as shown in the image below .

facetime_iphone_3GSOnce added look for FaceIt – 3GS to download and install in your iphone 3GS .Once installed , reboot and find facetime optionĀ  [settings – phone ]on your iphone 3GS . Change to enable facetime and start making facetime calls from iphone 4 or ipod touch 4. The video below will explain things in more detail .

Please let us know how it worked for you and leave your feedback in the comment box below . Note that you must have a jailbroken iphone 3GS for the jailbreak app to be installed . [Check out Pwnage Tool and RedSn0w ]

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