In the last few months, we have seen an increase in the number of app installers that have been released to try and take the place of Cydia [ext link]. The reason for this is not some mass take-over bid but more because we haven’t seen too much in the way of jailbreak utilities just recently and the developers are attempting to help us out with these installers. All of them, including the likes of TutuApp [ext link], TweakBox, and AppValley, have some Cydia tweaks in them along with paid and premium app store content for free. Emus4U, the latest one to be released, offers a little extra in the shape of several games emulators.

Image : Emus4u Download

Emulators let us play retro console games on our iOS devices and this is the main reason why some people jailbreak. With Emus4U [ext link], some of those emulators are now available without the need to jailbreak through Emus4U, along with plenty of other tweaks and apps, all available to download for free.

Features of Emus4U :

  • Emus4U supports all models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • It also supports all iOS versions
  • It is easy to install¬†
  • A simple minimal design makes it easy to navigate
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Updated with new content on a regular basis
  • Download from a choice of themes to change how Emus4U looks on your iOS device
  • You can also customize other parts of it to your taste
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Cleaner built in to remove junk and temporary files from your device
  • No jailbreak

No Jailbreak Needed :

We all know how bad things have gotten with the jailbreak scene, almost like we have stepped back in time to the early days of jailbreaking. The utilities are few and far between and not everyone is able to use what has been released. Not only that, we seem to have seen a return to when jailbreak utilities were all semi-untethered.

While app installers like Emus4U cannot take the place of Cydia, they can act as a decent stand-in while we wait to see the next move from the jailbreak teams. Emus4U does offer a reasonable choice of content to download from so head over to the links below and find out how to install it on your iOS device:

Video : Emus4u Download Tutorial

Is Emus4U something you fancy trying ? Tell us what you think about it and for all the up to date jailbreak news and other tips like this one, you can follow us on Facebook.



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