Elephant Eats Chinese Tourist’s iPhone

It’s always nice when you visit a zoo or a wildlife park to take a few photos to remind you of your day out and, if you have an iPhone to hand it’s so much easier to use than messing around with a separate camera.  However, the one thing most of us wouldn’t do is to hold the camera so close to the animal you are photographing that it can snatch the iPhone from your hand and eat it.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to one Chinese tourist at an elephant park in Thailand.

A video, uploaded last night, showing the events unfolding, has since gone viral. The video, taken by a companion of the tourist, shows the woman holding the phone up to the elephant to snap it and, as she does the elephant snatches the phone pout of her hand and eats it.  The rest of the video details how the women waited for nature to take its course before retrieving the device.

Of course, as with many videos of this nature, it’s perfectly possible that this is a fake. After all, expensive device or not, would you really spend your afternoon at an elephant park in this manner ?