DreamJB is Confirmed Fake

A little while back, it was announced that there would be an untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak (Dream JB) release on 22nd December.  Much excitement and controversy surround this announcement with some firmly behind it and others decidedly against it, denouncing it as a fake. Some of the reason for going against it was that it wasn’t being released by one of the well-known jailbreak teams such as Chronic Dev or iPhone Development team. It was announced by a complete unknown, an apparent one-man-band known as DreamJB.

dream-jailbreak-dream-jb download

The DreamJB website was recently updated with news of an unedited video being released, showing the jailbreak from start to finish and showing it working on the iPhone 5. Well, that video has now been uploaded and, as expected, it has been called out as a fake.

The video throws up several, obvious errors that will be spotted straightaway by anyone who knows anything about jailbreaking.  And, many of the more well-known amongst the jailbreak world were busy tweeting their thoughts as the video went live, with comments such as “(A tip: iOS boots to the lock screen, not the home screen. You only get that animation by exiting an app made to fake it.) “ and “Nice try, but aren’t you supposed to make the fake at least somewhat believable? It’s more fun when it’s not so obvious” from chpwn amongst others.

With thousands of people eagerly awaiting the untethered jailbreak, there is a great deal of disappointment and quite a few “told you so’s” floating about.  The hacker behind the jailbreak announced that, to dispel the furore over his fake he was bringing the release date forward by 10 days to today, spawning disbelief that a one-man-band could complete 10 days work in just a few hours. He later tweeted that it was, in fact a fake, saying

“Jailbreakers, what you see may not always be true. Please follow the dev team members for true and meaningful updates in the JB world. Let this be a lesson to all current and future jailbreak fakers.”

Just one word of caution to anyone who thinks that the jailbreak is still real, and obviously has not heard the news, do not, under any circumstances attempt to download it.  The likelihood of having a working phone afterwards is extremely slim to nil.