Download VLC Player for Iphone 4 Before its Gone

The well-known media player for Mac and PC , VLC Player is now available for download on your 4th generation iphone and iPad . This media player app was launched recently in the Apple App store for Free .

The best Features of VLC PLayer is , it can play almost any format of video that you throw at it. So this takes down the hassle of converting your favorite videos to play on the native media player of iphone 4 and pad .


Pros :

  • Watch unsupported videos on your iPhone4 and iPad (WMV, AVI etc)
  • Open natively unsupported video attachments from your e-mails and websites
  • Open videos from other apps like Dropbox

Cons :

  • Not supported on iPod Touch
  • May be pulled of any time due to licensing issues [read below]

There are rumors that the fresh new app may be removed from iTunes following the terms of Open Source GNU General Public License , under which this app is released for free without restriction of its usage in as many devices as wanted . These terms are contradicted by the products usage rules of the AppStore which limits its use to only 5 devices if I am not wrong.

Download VLC Player for your iphone 4 from iTunes here. For more apps for your iphone 4 , Click Here . Dont forget to subscribe to our Email Updates sent everyday for News and Latest Jailbreak Apps . Join us on Facebook