Download Snowbreeze 2.3

Snowbreeze 2.3 beta 1 for Windows OS is available for download . Sn0wbreeze can jailbreak and preserve original baseband during upgrade to iphone 4 4.3 firmware. It is a multi-purpose jailbreak utility that can be used to perform the following tasks :

  • Upgrade firmware preserving original baseband on iphone and ipad
  • Build Custom 4.3 firmware to jailbreak your iDevice
  • Install Custom boot logos [available under Expert mode]
  • Activate Iphone 4 without Original Sim [Hacktivate]

sn0wbreeze 2.3 download

Compatible Devices :

  • iPhone 4 3GS
  • Ipod Touch 4 3G
  • Ipad 1G

You can download Snowbreeze 2.3 here [Download Size 15.4 MB]. For more download and links visit our Download Page .

Useful Links : Use Snowbreeze 2.3 to Preserve Baseband while upgrading to iOS 4.3

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