Download Nokia Maps App for iPhone

Here” is Nokia’s re-branded version of their mapping service, unveiled last week at Nokia’s mapping event, with a promise to be available within 2 weeks.  It has, however, hit the apps store within an unprecedented 7 days and is now available, as a free download to all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

nokia maps for iphone

Nokia claim that their maps cover over 200 countries, has offline support and even displays public transport routes, the ability to save favorite places and share them with others using SMS, email or social networking. However many people are disappointed by its HTML 5 technology which, although useful for cross-compatible technology is nowhere near as fast or intuitive as the iOS 6 Maps app.  However, Nokia are not exactly newcomers to the scene of mapping, nor are they green around the gills since they acquired Navteq, one of the worlds leading digital map makers, in 2007.

“Here” Maps app has received mixed reviews though, with some saying, quite rightly that it is a vast improvement on Apple’s own attempt, one that has been publicly apologized for, whilst others are a little disgruntled at the lack of up to data and satellite imagery. Whilst it contains features that Apple’s app did not, such as turn-by-turn walking direction,  it doesn’t have 3D images or rotatable maps and seems to be a little fuzzy, as though it hasn’t been fully optimised for higher resolutions displays.

Features at a Glance :

  • Download map areas & wander without data coverage
  • Map views – Standard map view, live traffic view, public transport line view and satellite view
  • Step-by-Step voice-guided walk navigation . No driving instructions though .

However, whilst it may be a little bit rough around the edges, it is free and is a worthwhile contender whilst we wait for Apple to announce the restoration of Google Maps. Indeed, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook did advise people, when he apologised for their Maps app, to try Nokia maps as one of the alternatives.

Download Link : iTunes