Download iTunes 11 – Whats New

After weeks of delays, and amid speculation about what it can offer its users, iTunes 11 has finally arrived.  It was supposed to be released at the end of October bu the launch was delayed because, Apple said, they needed “a little extra time to get it right”.  Let’s hope that the extra time has paid off for them.

itunes 11 welcome screen

iTunes is one of the most popular media players across the globe.  It contains over 28 million media items including music, video and eBooks, to name a few.  October 10th saw reports coming out that iTunes had seized a 64% share of the market for online music and 29% of the overall music sales in the entire world.  It also boasts over 4 million active users and, in the first quarter of 2011 made sales totaling $1.4 billion. Despite that iTunes ahs often been branded as slow and heavy on resource usage. However, the launch of iTunes 11 promises to end that, with a much lighter version and a complete redesign of the looks and features of the app.  So what is iTunes 11 offering its users ?

iTunes 11 Features :

  • A brand new interface, simpler in design and a smoother look, similar to iOS 6 on the iPad
  • Improved assimilation with Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook, making it easier for users to share their favorite media with their friends
  • Much better iCloud integration and support – if you start a song on your MacBook you can finish playing it on your iPhone or, start watching a movie on Apple TV and resume watching it on your iPad
  • Better design of the mini player
  • More available information about the contents of your iTunes library.

To get a full look at the new features iTunes 11 is promising either head over to the official Apple iTunes site or update from within iTunes itself.

Download :