Download iPhone iOS 6 Theme for Android Phones

You’d have to be far removed from the iPhone vs. Android ongoing battle to be able to take advantage of and appreciate this theme that will make any Android device look as though it is running iOS 6.

iphone 5 theme android

iphone 5 android theme

For Android fans that loathe Apple and take a lot of enjoyment going onto forums, blogs and websites to tell the world how awful Apple and their products are then this is definitely not one for them.

The Fake iPhone 5 Launcher will turn an Android device, very convincingly, into an iPhone clone even down to a ‘spotlight search’ function. The app focusses on being the most realistic iPhone theme out there and it comes preloaded with 16 default apps on the home page. This is not designed to merely look like an iOS but to act like one too as all other apps are moulded to the theme in order to look as iPhone-esque as possible.

Although these pictures only depict four rows of icons if you want to look as though you are running the theme on an iPhone five then the settings can be changed to add on another row.

You are also able to set your own custom wallpaper, just like on a genuine iPhone, which means that you won’t be stuck with the creator’s choice.

You’d have to be able to see the benefits of both these OS platforms to get enjoyment out of this app as those who can’t will no doubt wonder why you want to make own thing look like another, except to really confuse your friends.

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