Download iOS 4.3.4 IPSW

Apple released iOS 4.3.4 [ipsw file download links below] to patch JailbreakMe 3.0 Jailbreak which can jailbreak iPad 2 and all devices running iOS 4.3.3 by just visiting a webpage on Mobile Safari . This jailbreak was so simple and quick , more than half a million iOS devices were jailbroken in 24 hrs of its release .ios 4.3.4 download ipsw

Security Issues on iOS 4.3.3 :

This jailbreak also revealed an existing vulnerability that can be exploited by malicious sites to install viruses and malware on your iOS device . So basically iOS 4.3.4 is a security path than a jailbreak patch .

Secure your iPhone iPod iPad without Updating to iOS 4.3.4 :

Soon after JailbreakMe 3.0 was released , iPhone Dev team played responsible and released their version of the patch that closed the PDF Vulnerability used in the Online Jailbreak Tool so that it’s not further exploited by anyone . You can download the PDF Patcher 2 via Cydia for this purpose [works on all JailbreakMe and non-JailbreakMe jailbroken devices on 4.3.3 and lower].

Auto-Update via iTunes :

You can also automatically download and install iOS 4.3.4 on your device with the help of Tunes . Follow the screenshot for instructions.

Download Links : iOS 4.3.4

You can directly download the .ipsw files and install them via iTunes using the SHIFT + UPDATEmethod .

#Tip : For iPhone 4 Security from online viruses and spam including the files you share using your computer , download and use VirusBarrier AntiVirus for iPhone 4 from AppStore for $2.99 .