Download Google 3D Maps on iPhone

Eyebrows were raised when Apple announced that they were replacing Google Maps with their own custom-built Maps App on the iOS 6 update. Those said eyebrows disappeared past the hairline and into the ether after consumers got a look at this new mapping system and the resounding question of , “Why ?” was asked repeatedly.

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Why did Apple decide to do away with Google Maps so quickly ? Fair enough they want to build their own mapping system, but even if it isn’t perfect at least make it user-friendly and accurate it before springing it on iPhone users.

That is what Tim Cook, Apple CEO, apologized in a letter to the iPhone community. He acknowledged that the bar set by Apple for its own products is sky-high and that the company recognize that they did not reach it with their Maps App. He encouraged users to download third-party apps, mentioning Google maps by name, whilst the company iron out the major kinks in the App. Read the letter here .

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For those who will be taking Tim Cook’s advice then here is a bit of information on Google Earth v7.0 for iOS. Released in July this year Google were quick off the mark once their contract with Apple was cut. Determined to get in first they released a 3D update for their renowned Google Earth app.

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This app is available from iTunes and the App Store for free and offers a 3D view of major cities including Geneva, Rome and Boston. Although the 3D is limited at the moment people know where they stand with Google maps and you can expect everything to be in order – no missing shore lines or randomly moved towns here .

Compatibility :

The 3D functionality is compatible with iPad 2 and later and iPhone 4S and later. The devices must be running 4.2 or later but due to the large amount of rendering necessary to run the 3D it is incompatible with any older device running an earlier iOS. Crashes iPod touch .

Apple’s botch first attempt at making the Maps App will certainly see Google’s Map’s popularity soar in the iTunes and hopefully show Apple that taking their time over the development and research of such apps is what they do best and what they should stick to doing in the future.

Download from iTunes .