Download C-Dev Reporter to Find New Jaikbreak Exploits

Chronic Dev Team who created popular jailbreak tool GreenPoison has released a new tool named C-Dev Reporter which helps find jailbreak exploits on iOS . C-Dev Reporter is a tool that uses Appleā€™s own crash reporting software against itself by re-routing all the crash reports . Dev Team has not yet released a solution for un-tethered jailbreak on iOS 5 and this step is to make progress in this area .

cdev crash reporter

We already have tethered and semi-tethered jailbreak available upto iOS 5.0.1 . It is believed that this exploit-sniffing application will speed up the process of finding new ways to jailbreak iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S and iPad 2 .

How it Works :

C-Dev reporter will install on your computer and send app crash history and other bugs to Chronic Dev Team . It will work just like iTunes which helps Apple find and patch exploits before hackers can use them in building jailbreaking tools . After its release last week , Chronic Dev Team has reported to have received over 10,071,868 reports . It is expected that we will see the results soon as developers analyze the received data and find existing loopholes not fixed by Apple .

Download :

C-Dev Reporter is available for download on both Mac and Windows operation system . Link .

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest developments about iOS 5 un-tethered jailbreak .