Download 5.1.1 IPSW Build 9B208

Apple recently released the latest 5.1.1 ipsw with build 9B208 . There are few bug fixes , but the jailbreak still has the exploit used by Absinthe 2.0 . You can use Absinthe 2.0.2 so that it recognizes your iOS device without throwing error “Attach Device is Not Supported” .

itunes ipsw download

Download iOS 5.1.1 ipsw :

Alternatively you can use iTunes to install the update . Those on WiFi can use OTA or Over The Air update feature to download only the required file (usually ranging from 40 – 100MB) directly on the iOS device . After installing the update , use Absinthe 2.0.2 and jailbreak your iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad . Then use Cydia to download some awesome apps like SIRI for non-iPhone 4S (SiriPort for 5.1.1) . Start with jailbreak and keep exploring .