Downgrade 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 on iPhone 4

Downgrade from 4.3.5 firmware to 4.3.3 is easy with saved shsh blobs and get an un-tethered jailbreak using JailbreakMe 3.0 online jailbreaking tool or other 4.3.3 Jailbreak Tools .

iPhone 4 4.3.5 can be downgraded if you have saved the SHSH Blobs using TinyUmbrella or iSHSHit . Follow the downgrade tutorial below for detailed downgrading process .

Steps to Downgrade 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 and later :

  1. Download 4.3.3 ipsw files or later ipsw firmware for which you have the saved shsh blobs
  2. Connect your iPhone 4 with the computer via USB and turn Off .
  3. Put your device in DFU mode .
  4. To enter DFU Mode press and Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds . After 10 seconds release the Power Button and keep holding the home button. Follow the image below dfu mode iphone 4
  5. Now¬† navigate to c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc and find the file named “hosts” . Mac users can go to folder and type in /etc/ . now locate hosts file there .
  6. Windows users open the file in Notepad in Administrator Mode and Mac users use TextEditor and edit the last line of the file and replace it with as shown here . This will make iTunes into thinking that they are connecting to Apple Servers , but actually they are connecting to Saurik’s server where you have earlier your SHSH Blobs saved .hosts-notepad_windows
  7. Launch iTunes . Itunes will detect your device and ask it to restore . Press and hold SHIFT key on your keyboard and click RESTORE on iTunes window as shown here .itunes shift restore
  8. If you see Error 1013 on iTunes  , just ignore it and go ahead with the restore process .
  9. After the restore is complete , Download TinyUmbrella and select “Exit Recovery” to bring back your iphone 4 in normal mode .

Note : Dont forget to remove the line added in the hosts file .

After downgrading to 4.3.3 , you can now jailbreak untethered on 4.3.3 . Please Share and give us a Google +1 .