Jailbreak Makes iPhone Vulnerable to Hacking

Jailbreaking your iPhone is a legal and incredibly useful way to customize your iPhone . Jailbreak introduces a number of features that Apple wont allow on an iOS device , but it also poses security threats that many jailbreakers are not aware of . One of our readers asked a question in the Jailbreak Forum :

Does Jailbreak make iPhone Vulnerable to Hackers ?

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Ankur from India asked :

” I have an iPhone 4 but I am quite scared to use internet banking apps from my mobile. Do you have any idea while the phone is jailbroken , is it safe to pursue personal data through the phone ? I have not installed OpenSSH in my phone ”

How to Secure Jailbroken iPhone :

Jailbreaking itself reduces security as a part of the jailbreaking process . Since jailbreaking involves certain codes to be executed on the device ( in order to install Cydia ) that is not allowed . However jailbreaking has yet to transfer into any serious public security threat.

  1. Installing SSH is the biggest security risk as many users do not change the default passwords (alpine) and thus can be remotely exploited . Changing the default passwords reduces the risk of being hacked to a certain extent . Users should also change the default port 22 making remote hacking attacks almost impossible.
  2. For your phone data to be compromised , it needs to be in the physical possession of the hacker. In a different scenario even if your phone wasn’t jailbroken, all the hacker needs to do is disable FindMyiPhone to prevent a remote wipe – remote lock and jailbreak it themselves and then get your personal data.

In Short :

If your phone Does not have SSH installed or is Lost with FindMyiPhone enabled with a password for the lockscreen, you are safe . There is minimum chance of data theft on a jailbroken iPhone if the above two conditions are met .