Display Weather Icon on Status Bar

Weather Icon Jailbreak tweak will show the current weather and temperature at your area in the Status bar of your jailbroken iPhone iPod Touch and iPad. The temperature will be shown in Celsius or Farenheit where as the Weather will be displayed as an icon shown below , alongside the battery icon .

weather display iphone 4

You location is determined based on the first location set on the native weather application on your iPhone iPod Touch iPad powered by Yahoo Weather .

Also note that the icon of Weather app will be changed to a dynamic icon which will show the current weather for your area [like cloudy , rainy , sunshine ] . Aint that cool !!

Download :

  1. Launch Cydia and search WeatherIcon
  2. Tap on the install button and download it on your device
  3. Restart the Springboard
  4. Now go to Settings , scroll down below and find Weather Icon
  5. Tap the Weather Icon tab and enable this feature .
  6. Turn “Show Image” and “Show Temp” to ON to display the weather and temperature on your iPhone .

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