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With iOS 10 released a few days back, the jailbreak community is eagerly awaiting news of an iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link]. The most current jailbreak we have now is PPHelper for iOS 9.2 through to iOS 9.3.3 and anyone who is using it is urged not to update their devices until we have that new iOS 10 jailbreak in our hands. If you have updated to iOS 9.3.4 and above, we are going to show you how to Download Cydia app [ext link] icon on your iOS home screen.

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How to Download Cydia :

There are two methods to get Cydia onto your iOS device:

  1. Using Safari on your iOS device
  2. Using PPHelper to jailbreak your device

Method 1 : Using Safari

This method will give you instant access to Cydia app icon directly from your home screen. You do not need to use a computer and you can remove it at any time.

  1. Make sure your device is on iOS 7 and above version as this will not work on anything prior.
  2. Launch Safari on your iPhone, iPod or iPad – don’t try this with any other browser you may be using as it won’t work ios 10 safari
  3. When Safari is open, open cydia-ios-7-safari4
  4. When the web page has loaded tap on the UP arrow – it will be at the bottom of the page if you use an iPhone and at the top on your iPad cydia-ios-7-safari3
  5. A new screen will load up – choose Add to Home Screen from the optionscydia-ios-7-safari2
  6. Next, you will be asked to give your new icon a name so type in Cydia and then tap on Add cydia-ios-7-safari1
  7. Close Safari down completely and the Cydia app icon will be on one of your home screen. Simply tap on it to get up to date news on the jailbreak progress cydia-ios-7-safari0

Video: This video details the steps above

Method 2 : Using PPHelper

The other way to get Cydia onto your iOS device is to fully jailbreak it. PPHelper will work on iOS 9.2 through iOS 9.3.3 and you can get a detailed guide on how to download and install PPHelper at the provided link.

ppjailbreak pp med

Do be aware that not all developers have updated their Cydia tweaks to support iOS latest version yet, so be careful about what you download. The notes on each tweak will tell you what version it supports.

Let us know how you get on with either if these methods and, to stay completely up to date, follow us on Facebook.



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