Close Background Apps all at Once

When you switch apps on your iPhone 4 , the previous apps don’t get closed . Instead it keeps running in the background and consumes memory (RAM) and battery . There can be over a dozen apps running in your multi tasking enabled iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and iPad . To close these apps you have to double-click home button , press and hold the icons until they start to wiggle and tap to close each app icon one by one which can be time-consuming and very annoying at times .

To close these background apps all at once , you can use Kill Background jailbreak app. Simply tap on close all (skull icon) and it will kill all apps running in your multi-tasking switcher menu (except for the app you are into) .

iphone 4 close background apps at once

Download and Use :

You can download and install Kill Background app from Cydia . Type “Kill Background” without the quotes in the search box. Install and reboot your device/ There are no options to configure. Available on BigBoss Repository for Free .