Clamcase Pro Transforms The iPad Into A MacBook

When the first Clamcase made its debut there was quite a bit of hype surrounding it and a lot of excitement. It was a genius idea; a keyboard and iPad stand incorporated within a case. Unfortunately, the real thing didn’t make the grade and received a lot of negative feedback. However, the manufacturers have clearly done their homework and taken the reviews on board because they have just produced a brand new version, the Clamcase Pro.

ClamCase_pro_ipad_keyboard_macbook (1)

ClamCase_pro_ipad_keyboard_macbook (2)

ClamCase_pro_ipad_keyboard_macbook (3)

ClamCase_pro_ipad_keyboard_macbook (4)

It looks almost nothing like its predecessor; the keyboard has been completely redesigned, it feels better and, although the keyboard has had to be slightly downsized, it is a much slimmer and lighter product than before. It also has a 360 degree hinge for ease of use.

It’s a pretty versatile piece of kit, suited to several different models. It can be used to slot the iPad in and used as a kind of MacBook or the keyboard can be folded right back and it can be used just as a multi position stand. The Clamcase Pro comes complete with built-in Bluetooth to allow for easy paring of the iPad and keyboard. It also has a rechargeable battery, instant sleep and awake modes and is built from aluminium and polycarbonate for protection.

The Clamcase Pro is definitely worth a good look this time round; as well as being highly functional it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. You can get one of these from for jut $239.99.