Christmas Gift Ideas for iPhone 4 Users

Christmas is few days away and you must be thinking of gift ideas for your loves ones. Here is a list of some cool gadgets for iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad users . Choose one which suits your budget and liking .

1. iHelicopter :

iphone drone remote controlled helicopter

This is one of the most popular gift items for iPhone users . Compatible for use with iPhone and iPod , iHelicopter is a great gift idea within a small budget . Made with light weight but strong polycarbonate body this remote-controlled plane comes with an IR – infrared adapter that connect with your iOS device and serves as a remote control .

Priced at $50 . Read More .

2. AR Parrot Drone :

Slightly expensive than iHelicopter , AR Parrot drone is for the serious gamer with lots of advanced features . This helicopter comes with 4 rotors ( hence a quadrocopter ) and cameras that can stream real-time video to the iPhone , iPod Touch  . The device is controlled using WiFi technology which means a line of sight is not required to control the plane .

Priced at $ 300 . Read More .

3. iPhone Mini Dock Charger :

iphone 4 dock charger

iPhone Mini Dock Charger is a very handy tool for charging an iPhone or and iPod . Simply insert in your wall power outlet and charge your device . No wires or USB cable involved . Use it for charging or simply docking your phone . This space saver accessory also works on any USB input .

Priced at $19.95 . Buy Now .

4. iPhone 4 Bluetooth Keyboard :

iphone 4 bluetooth keyboardThis is a full QWERTY keyboard for iPhone 4 that slides into an iPhone 4 case . The keyboard pairs with your iPhone bluetooth and works great with any app such as E-mail, Web browsing, Blogging, Notes and Facebook messenger etc . It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery and is charged via its USB mini port.

Prices starting $22.00 . Buy Now .

5. Portable Amplifier for iPhone 4 :

iphone 4 amplifier portable

Bone portable amp for iPhone 4 is perfect for turning your iPhone 4 into a speakerphone. This is the cheapest entry in our Christmas gifts category .

Priced at $5 . Buy Now

6. iPhone – iPod Speaker Dock :

philips portable docking station for iphone

These portable docking station come with high quality speaker which can be carried around . Some docks are battery-powered and have lcd displays to show which song they are playing or the time and charging status of your device .

Prices starting $ 50 . Read More .

7. iPod Shuffle :

ipod shuffle

From the family of iPods , Apple iPod Nano is a $50 gift item which can be used as second ipod for working out on gym or jogging . Its 2 GB capacity can hold upto 500 songs with 15 hours of audio playback on a single charge .

Priced at $49 . Buy Now .

8. Battery Case Pack :

iphone 4 external batery pack case

Mophine Juice Pack series gives 1500 mAh + external battery power for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and almost doubles it battery life . This battery packs comes integrated into an iPhone case that also protects the device . Compatible with both  Verizon CDMA and AT&T GSM iPhone 4 . LED status indicator at the bottom tells you how much backup power is left at the push of a button . Charge and Sync with iTunes without opening the case .

Prices starting $60 . Buy Now .

9. GPS Car Kit :

gps car kit iphone 4

Kensington Car Kit adds hands-free talking , voice activated controls and amplifies sound for turn-by-turn directions when using GPS . Micro USB port charges the iPhone with included charging cable . Bluetooth connection pairs easily with iPhone for wireless calling and media playback .

Priced at $64 . Buy Now .

10. Remote Room Monitor :

iphone controlled spy camera surveillance

iZon remote Room Monitor is an app controlled mini surveillance camera (length 7.8 inches) that can be used to monitor activities in your house from an iPhone , iPod Touch or an iPad . Motion sensor along with Noise detection ensures automatic recording for remote observation . Comes with secure private video streaming on your iOS device . This camera is very suitable for use as a nanny cam .

Priced at $129. Buy Now .

11. Wireless Speaker for iPhone :

iphone Wireless-Bluetooth-Portable-Speaker

Satechi bluetooth wireless speaker is a compact vacuum bass designed speaker which streams music and hands-free calls . Works with iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad and other bluetooth enabled music players and mobile phones . Easy charging with mini usb ports with integrated Li-Ion-battery (USB chargeable) for max 6 hours playtime .

Priced at $49. Buy Now .

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