Chinese Teen Offers Virginity for iPhone 4

A mainland chinese teenage girl was found offering her “virginity” for a white iphone 4 . The girl’s name is known to be “Wen” (image below) has posted it on Weibo , a chinese social networking site . The girl is identified to be from Maoming city of South China’s Guangdong province . iPhone-4-Virginity-Girl-China

The girl posted that she will give her “first valuable night” which literally means here “virginity” in chinese in exchange for an iphone 4 white 16GB model which costs 4,999 RMB Chinese Currency . Wen asked young men to contact her if they are seriously interested in the deal .

Only a few days ago a 17 year chinese guy sold his kidney to buy an iPad 2 . With this continuing trend it appears that high-end gadgets are smashing moral values in todays teenagers . Sociologists blame it on the rising importance of materialism amongst the young generation and no limits to how they satisfy their desires.

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