Check and Monitor Blood Pressure with your iPhone

If you liked out previous article about ECG app for iPhone 4 , you will also like this iPhone accessory that helps check and monitor your Blood Pressure and Heart Beat Rate using your iPhone 4.

iphone 4 blood pressure monitor-

French medical equipment maker Withings has invented a smart blood pressure monitor which connects to your iPhone using the USB cable and measures your Blood Pressure and Heart Beat Rate with an accompanying app that runs on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad .

Features :

  • Access Measure and Track your Blood Pressure
  • Measure Systolic and Diastolic pressure
  • Save and Share the test results with your doctor
  • Track your heath progress and transfer it to your computer
  • Keep records for everyone in the family
  • Use it with other Windings products

Directions to Use the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor :

  1. Connect the cuff to the iPhone using USB cable . Wear the armband around the arm above the elbow and tighten .
  2. Launch the monitoring app on your iPhone
  3. Now the app will automatically calculate average measurements to produce final results.
  4. Tap on history to access previous readings iphone 4 Blood-Pressure-Cuff-


Check out the app in action below :

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Note : Both these accessories are awaiting approval as Medical Equipment in the United States .

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