CDMA Verizon Iphone 4 Jailbreak

Update : Follow the Verizon iPhone 4 Jailbreak Tutorial using Greenpois0n.

Since there is no questions of unlock in a SIM-LESS CDMA iphone 4 , the only option we are left with is the Jailbreak. I think Iphone Dev Team will soon come out with the jailbreak for the CDMA phone on iOS 4.3 [probably] .

iphone 4 cdma jailbreakSince all the jailbreak tools we had were based on bootrom exploit [JailbreakMe,GreenPoison, Limera1n], Apple must have fixed it already with the change in hardware [while doing the GSM to CDMA switch]. Read more about Iphone 4 CDMA vs GSM .

Lets see if Iphone Developers find interest in jailbreak iphone 4 CDMA since the GSM version of iphone 4 is more popular than the earlier. To get more of these updates via email Subscribe to our mailing list . You can also Follow us on Facebook.