Case For iPhone 5 Doubles The Battery Life and Protects your Phone

The iPhone 5 is undoubtedly one of the smartest and best looking phones to ever grace the market. Nobody wants to hide that away behind some chunky case that may, or may not protect it and one that is unwieldy to handle. However, there’s a new kid on the block, a new iPhone 5 case that not only protects your phone but charges the battery as well.

i balson case iphone 5 (1)

Meet the i-Blason PowerSlider. It’s a neatly designed 2-piece case that is easy to slide your phone into, only 0.25” thick and weighing about 70 gms – that’s thinner and lighter than the iPhone itself. The best part about this case is the inclusion of the 2200 mAh battery core that allows you to charge your iPhone on the go. The iPhone 5 battery itself is 1440 mAh so one single charge with this case will give you 1.2 times more battery power than normal, effectively doubling your battery life.

It has no less than 4 LED indicators that tell you when your power is getting low and it also features an on/off button, letting you decide when you want to use the extra power.  It charges using the supplied USB cable and power supply adaptor, meaning you can charge both your iPhone and case at the same time. It also has a handy little kickstand built into the back, letting you stand the phone up to watch videos or carry out a video call.

The i-Blason has an 8 pin lightning connector and an 8 pin lightning charge port; all you need is a cable which you will need to purchase separately if you don’t have one. You get easy access to all of your ports, controls speakers, cameras and headphone jack, something which many cases don’t have.

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It’s a very attractive case, available in black or white and, at just $67.95 from, it really is a must have accessory for those who use their phone on the go all the time.

Buy online on . Available in Black and White colors .