Car Smashes Into Chicago Apple Store – Pictures

Much as Apple like to get their name in the news as often as possible, sometimes they end up being headline news for the wrong reasons. At 6.30pm on Sunday, half an hour before the store was due to close, a car was driven through the front plate-glass windows of the Lincoln Park Apple store, near Chicago. Aptly enough, the car itself was a Lincoln.

Before :


After :

apple store lincoln park car smashed

apple store lincoln park car smashed

There is no explanation as yet as to why the elderly driver left the road and smashed through the window but police and paramedics were on the scene extremely quickly, according to witnesses. No-one was seriously hurt, although one person was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Many will have their theories about why it happened but, although Apple have attracted their fair share of “smash and grabs”, it doesn’t appear that this incident had theft as a motivation. Lets hope the driver wasn’t relying on Apple Maps for directions to the store .