Capture 3D Photos using iPhone

Capturing 3D Images from your iPhone is now possible . Here is a camera app on iTunes that lets you take an image simultaneously from two iOS devices like iPhone , iPod Touch or iPad ( models of same make are highly recommended e.g two iPhone 4S’s using same megapixels ) paired using WiFi . Use the camera app to center the focal point in both screens viewfinders and takes the shot. Synchrocam then stitches the two images together into a 3D image . Read more about taking three-dimensional images from your iPhone 4S using SynchroCam below .

Image below : Dual camera (3D) iPhone 5 Concept

3d camera iphone 5

How to take 3D images on iPhone :

  1. Download SynchroCam app from iTunes for Free
  2. Connect both apps using Home WiFi . It takes some time to do the pairing and the app may crash during this process. It it takes any longer than 30 seconds , quit the app or cancel the pairing process . Instead use Bluetooth , though the image quality may be compromised . capture 3D images iPhone 5
  3. Find something stationary to focus on . This could be a rock on the ground, the corner of a desk or anything that stays in position and not in motion .
  4. Keep your hands steady and carefully tap the shutter button . Use a iPhone Tripod where possible . There is a bit of a learning curve with using this app .
  5. Once photo has been taken it can be shared to twitter, email or saved in your camera roll app . Here is a sample .gif image with 3D effect . It would be great if in the future the app allows you to add more cameras giving a panoramic view of a shot . Save this image and open it in a browser to view the GIF animation with 3D Effect .

3D image iPhone

How to watch 3D images on a computer monitor :

Though you do not need a specialized monitor to view the 3D images above , but to see real 3D images check out our selection of Top 3D Computer Monitors listed below . Choose from battery free passive glasses or the conventional active 3D monitors which require active shutter glasses .