Canadian Iphone Users can now get their Device Unlocked For a Fee

Recent updates come from Iphone Canada Blog which says that Fido | Rogers have introduced a new device unlocking policy for iphone users that will allow them to get their device officially unlocked by paying a small one time fee of $50 .

iphone 4 unlock

This policy is brought into effect from December 14th 2010 and applies to all devices that are bound to manufacturer restrictions . To get their device unlocked existing consumer must fulfill the criteria below :

  • Have an account in good standing
  • Have paid the un-subsidized / no term cost for the device at least 30 days prior OR have finished their Commitment Period (contract)
  • Unlock a device which is listed in their equipment history (no grey market devices)
  • Pay a $50 unlocking fee plus applicable taxes (note: prepaid customers must have a $50 plus the applicable taxes, balance on their account)


To get the device unlocked , all you have to do is pay the unlocking fees and restore it via iTunes to factory built state and it will be unlocked .

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