Canada Gets Unlocked Iphone 4 – But for a Price – Release Date 30 July

canada-iphone-4Apple has officially announced to start selling Iphone 4 in Canada from July 30th, 2010 . Apple stores will sell Unlocked iPhone 4 models of version 16GB and 32GB .

However this freedom from contract’s will come for a price which is expected to be around659 Canadian Dollars for the 16GB version , whereas the 32GB model will cost 779 Canadian Dollars approximately. Along with this, older iPhone 3GS 8GB version will be sold for CAD 549 .

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Carriers are still offering it up for a discount on contract through Rogers, Bell and Telus. The only colour you will be able to get iphone 4 is black . We’re on the watch for the iPhone 4 release in Canada¬† and any information that goes along with it.