Verizon iPhone 4 Out on Sale – Antenna Issues Prevail

Verizon iPhone 4 is out on sale in Apple Retail Stores across United States . You can reserve your Verizon iPhone today and it will be ready for pickup at your nearest Apple Store starting at noon on February 10 .

verizon iphone 4 antenna problem

A latest video published by iPhone Blog iLounge suggests that the antenna issues on Iphone 4 still exist on the CDMA iphone. When held in a certain position [also called death grip] the CDMA iPhone 4 will lose signal strength that can affect calls and data transmission on the phone . Watch the YouTube video below to see what exactly iLounge tried to proveĀ  . My question is “Do you really hold your phone like that ? ”

If you grip your phone as shown in the video above , chances are you’ll need a bumper case to get a temporary fix inspite of a redesigned antenna on the CDMA phone . Check out the new modified bumper case for Verizon iPhone 4.

Coming Up Next : Greenpoison Jailbreak RC5_4 for Verizon iPhone 4 will work on iOS 4.2.6 .

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