Steve Jobs Biography Review

The official biography of Steve Jobs is now available for purchase on Amazon and iBooks . According to reports thisĀ  book is based on more than forty interviews with Apple CEO Steve Jobs over a period of two years, which is what sets this book apart from other biographies available in the market today . Written by Walter Isaacson this biography is slated to become the top selling book of the year 2011 according to an Amazon spokesperson .

steve jobs biography

Isaacson was asked himself by Steve to write his biography . Packed in 656 pages are over a hundred interviews with Jobs family, friends , employees, rivals and adversaries. Since the demise of Steve Jobs the demand for his biography has skyrocketed and the publishers brought up the release date of the book from November to October 24th 2011 .

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The book unveils a lot of thing unknown to the outside world , one of which includes the allegation on Android platform on stealing features from iOS and referring it as ” a stolen product ” by Steve himself . In the book Isaacson has done an excellent job of narrating Steve Jobs’ life story from birth to his last days, and really gives an insight into his personality . Although Jobs cooperated with this book, he asked for no control over what was written nor even the right to read it before it was published.

Buy from Amazon for a dicounted price of $17.88 for the hardcover edition and in Apple iBooks Store for $16.99 for the ebook .