Buy iPhone 5 for Just $126 at Fry’s

With the Holiday Season almost upon us, there will not be many people who do not have some sort of Apple product on their Christmas wish list. The iPhone 5 seems to be top of the list right now, with TIME Magazine voting it Best Gadget 2012.  Following on from the price crash deals on the iPhone 5 offered by Wal-Mart and Target, Fry’s have decided to join the fight and have slashed the prices of all 3 models of the iPhone 5.

iphone_5_discount offer-Optimized

Frys is offering the following deals, dependent on signing a new 2-year contract :

  • iPhone 5 16GB   $126
  • iPhone 5 32GB   $226
  • iPhone 5 64GB   $326

There is not much difference in the prices between Fry’s and Wal-Mart, merely $1 so it will come down to convenience as to whom you choose to buy your iPhone 5 from this year. Bear in mind that Fry’s can only sell the iPhone at this price in store though and as they only have stores in 9 States their coverage is a little thin on the ground compared to Wal-Mart. However, Wal-Mart is only discounting the 16GB model whereas both RadioShack and Fry’s have reduced all three.

Bearing in mind that the iPhone 5 memory cannot be upgraded, it may be worth your while paying the little bit extra for one of the larger storage models.  If you are one of those who has been waiting for a price drop to get your iPhone 5, now is the time to do it so get on down to Wal-Mart or Fry’s and pick up a fantastic deal today.

Source : Frys