You Can Buy White iPhone 4 from April 27

It has been confirmed through sources that iPhone 4 White will be available for purchase from April 27th 2011 onwards .  It has already been bought by a user living in UK on Vodafone when the listing appeared for a short while . Engadget has already published the images of the White iPhone 4 which comes with a slight modification done to its proximity sensor which was oversensitive leading to un-intentionally dialed, hung up or muted voice calls . white iphone 4 pictures

Recently we published videos and images of a iphone 4 white [leaked production model] being demoed with an unknown version of iOS running on it [image above] – Post Link.

Update : Gadget blog Engadget published images of iPhone 4 White being packed for distribution to various Apple Stores pointing to a release as early as tomorrow 27th April 2011 . This is a package arrived at a Belgian Apple iPhone 4 retailer . Stay tuned as we bring you more information about iPhone 4 White with pricing and availability . Are you going to buy it ? Please let us know by posting your comments below .


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