Buy Iphone 4 Unlocked

There are several options to buy iphone 4 unlocked . One way is to buy factory unlocked iphone 4 directly from Apple at a price starting $650 or get it software unlocked with jailbreak . The latter is done on a contract iphone 4 which you can buy at a subsidised price from any service provider [AT&T] .

iphone_4 unlocked

Apple gives the choice to users residing in countries like Canada , Hong kong , Singapore, New Zealand to choose from iphone 4 unlocked or factory locked. But in the US  they are all factory locked , so you have no option left other than buying iphone 4 locked .

Things to Know : Factory Unlock vs Software Unlock [Jailbroken Iphone 4]

  • You can upgrade iOS version in factory unlocked iphone 4 , but in jailbreak unlock you are going to lose that with each upgrade [needs re-jailbreak and unlock].
  • Unlocking iphone 4 with UltraSn0w requires some knowledge about Jailbreaking and the ability to follow step by step jailbreak and unlock guide .
  • No guarantee that the unlock will work 100% of the times .
  • Jailbreak unlock is patched in every new iOS firmware release [baseband upgraded].

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Buy Iphone 4 Unlocked – Current Pricing :

iPhone 4 16 GB Factory Unlocked [Base Model] :

Hong Kong –  USD 695
New Zealand – 791 USD
Australia –  746.991 USD

iPhone 4 32 GB Factory Unlocked

Hong Kong –  USD 812
New Zealand – 928.172 USD
Australia – 882.469 USD

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