Where to Buy Gevey Sim ?

Gevey Sim can unlock iphone 4 all basebands [up to 04.10.01] , and the way it works [using emergency number 112 dialing exploit] it seems if will continue to work flawless on future basebands . Since Gevey Sim do not require you to jailbreak and unlock your iphone , which means your device will be well within its warranty while using Gevey Sim Unlock . Read our previous post to learn How to use Gevey Sim and How Gevey Sim Works .

buy gevey sim

Now the question is Where to Buy Gevey Sim ? The official distributor of Gevey ApplenBerry.com will not ship the product to all countries which includes India . There are several alternative sites where you can buy Gevey Sim with international shipping option. Check out the best possible option for you to Buy Gevey Sim.

Where to Buy Gevey Sim ?

  1. Amazon [Recommended] : Amazon has at last listed Gevey Sim for iPhone 4 unlock  . Gevey Sim Pro is available at $20+ . The price i checked last day was $13+ , it seems the price is fluctuating. Check out the best price before you buy . Amazon is a trusted source to buy Gevey Sim Unlock on the internet with fast shipping and quick refund policy for undelivered and damaged goods. Cheapest Available Product Link
  2. Ebay : Next Good option to Buy Gevey Sim is on Ebay. You can buy Gevey Sim for prices starting $15+ . Link . Update : Some have reported having bought Fake Gevey Sim from Ebay , so be caution before buying from unknown seller .
  3. GeveySim.org : This is a 3rd Party Gevey Sim Reseller/Customer Support claiming to sell latest version of Gevey Pro Sim for around $14+. Some users confirmed to have bought from it and claim to have received guarantee for product quality and lost shipment . They also offer support via their forum and solve user problems . Link

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