Buy Cool Laser Engraved iPhone 5

If you could never find that perfect case, never choose the one that was really ‘you’ or just felt loathe to cover up the gorgeous iPhone exterior then you might have just have found the solution. However, if you have a perfect case, or if you are somewhat clumsy and a case is the only thing that comes between the cold, hard floor and you iPhone’s screen, then please look away now as because what you are about to see will ensure that a case never graces the back of your iPhone ever again.

laser engraved iphone 5

iphone 5_ laser design

This is laser engraving, and as you can see it is beautiful. No, not just pretty, but stunning, unique and fantastic. This first picture, a side view of a woman’s face, shows just how incredibly arty this process can be.The second picture of Kanye West’s album, Cruel Summer, is engraved on the Black Model and, while it still packs an impressive punch it certainly doesn’t have the clean and simplistic feel of the engraved white and silver iPhone.

black iphone 5 laser engraving

The Louis Vuitton engraving, although not to everyone’s taste, shows how a contrast can be made by adding a white engraving onto the black phone.

laser engraving process iphone 5

How its Made : YouTube Video

Unfortunately we have no prices for this super awesome idea but watch the video below to see just how little time it takes to completely personalise your iPhone. The downside to this being that selling an iPhone with a personal engraving etched on the back may prove to be quite tricky, but if you are planning on having your iPhone until it breaks, or you get an upgrade, then there is no reason not to give your iPhone it’s own personal tattoo. You can subscribe to our Facebook Fan page for any updates about this customization feature .