Bullet Proof iPhone 5 Case

With every new iPhone that hits the market, a whole slew of cases for it follow suit. The iPhone 5 is no exception to this. Some of the cases look cool, some are reasonably functional whilst others offer a good degree of protection for your new and expensive purchase. And what could be more protective than a bulletproof case, designed to stop a .50 calibre bullet ?

iphone 5 buller proof case

Japanese manufacturers Marudai have come up with just such a case for the iPhone 5.  It looks like a tank and, weighing in at a whopping 201 kg, without the phone inside, it probably feels like yo are carrying one as well.  It is made of 2.5cm thick armored steel plating and certainly isn’t the most attractive case on the market. And at a cost of around $650 it carries a pretty hefty price tag as well.  The real question here though is, does it do what it says on the box ?

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Richard Ryan, more commonly known as RatedRR, makes money by videoing himself using a variety of different weaponry and shooting at defenseless, inanimate objects and then uploading the results to YouTube. He recently took the Marudai bulletproof case out into the desert and proceeded to fire at it, using a .50 calibre bullet from a Barrett M821 sniper rifle. The video of the footage speaks for itself but the upshot is, the stand the iPhone, in its case was placed on all but disintegrated whilst the phone itself was thrown a few feet backwards.  Whilst the case showed the obvious bullet puncture mark, the iPhone itself survived.


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It survived the bullet at any rate. What it didn’t survive was being thrown, screen first,  against a rock.  Apparently the guys over at Marudai forgot to put a protective screen on the case.  The verdict is that the case does do what it is supposed to do but, unless you intend to head into the middle of a battle zone you probably won’t need it.