Block Phone Calls on iPhone based on Location – No Jailbreak Required

Unwanted phone calls can be annoying, whether they are from salespeople, your manager calling during your personal time or just because you are being disturbed.  Launched earlier this year iOS 6 includes a feature called Do Not Disturb, which gives you the option of ignoring calls or notifications. However, although the feature has been well received by users, many feel that it is too basic, only allowing you to switch it on or off.

iphone 5 call block-Optimized

What we really need is the ability to be able to block certain people from calling us at certain locations. That can now be done with an app called Call Bliss.  The app contains the ability for you to be able to create a list of places, such as Work or Home, and groups of people, like Friends, Family and Colleagues.  Each of your contacts would be placed into a certain group and then you would be able to choose which locations to allow or block each group from calling you at. For example, you could block your work colleagues from calling you at home, and allow them only to call you at work.

Once Call Bliss is set up, it will automatically detect your location, thereby determining which groups of people can call you at any given time. Anything else will be directed straight to your voice mail.  Call Bliss also features 2 other settings – Blackout Mode to block all callers and Open Door Mode to allow all calls through.

block calls iphone-Optimized

The only downside to this app is that, because it is constantly working to detect your location it can drain your battery life  a lot quicker.  However, that may be small compensation to pay for only getting the calls you want, when you want them.  Call Bliss is available from the App Store for $2.9  (link) and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on iOS 6 or later.