Black Diamond Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone Review

Bluetooth speakers are nothing new. In fact, they are pretty common accessories for smartphones and other Bluetooth devices. However, none are quite as unusual as the Acase Black Diamond 3 Bluetooth speaker.  It looks nothing like a speaker – it’s a strange but interesting looking gadget that not only outputs sound but it lights up wherever you are using it, be it your house, office or car.

acase black diamond 3

The speaker is shaped like a diamond and it contains an LED light that streams multi colored lighting, either fixed or flowing or even pulsating in time to the music that is playing.  It has a 3W output and comes complete with a remote control for easy use.  It is compatible with just about any device that uses Bluetooth and it can also be hooked up to those that don’t via an audio out port.

The Acase Black Diamond 3 Bluetooth speaker is available through Amazon for $120. This is a cheaper option than the likes of Jawbones Jambox or Dr Dre’s Beats Pill Speaker but it is one of the more unique and the winning feature for many users is the light show.

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