Bite SMS – Quick Response Jailbreak App

BiteSMS is one of my favorite Jailbreak App. It sits on your lock screen and allows you to quickly respond to any call or message. BiteSMS replaces your native SMS application and provides better usability making life easier.

Now your SMS will appear as a pop up message, and after you reply, it vanishes in the background. Now you can continue on whatever app you were on.


With BiteSMS you get more options and a stay organized, allowing quick response, menus, photos to contacts, contact lists and more.BIteSMS 5 has many new features .Try it out for free .

Update : Here is on sample message received on our device.


Below is a video of BiteSMS 5 in action :

Update 2 : At present there are some issues with BiteSMS functioning on iOS 4.1. Instead you can use the biteSMS Beta 5. Add this repo to Cydia

Then install the new beta version of biteSMS. It is available for free download until the end of this month & hopefully by then the new version will be released. Get more Jailbreak Apps , Themes ,  Tips and Tricks for your Iphone 4 . Subscribe to our Email Updates .