Bite SMS Not Working on iOS 4.2.1 – Solution

BiteSMS jailbreak app users running iphone on iOS 4.2.1 faced problem with the app crashing and not functioning as it should be . So what is the solution to this problem ?bitesmsm iphone 4 jailbreak app

Fire up Cydia and add the following source to your device :

After having done that you will see a new package is available for download , its biteSMS 5.1 beta 11 . Now download and install new biteSMS 5.1 beta 11 , just don’t upgrade over your previous installation. I recommend doing a fresh installation by removing the older version.

New biteSMS 5.1 beta 11 version will solve various problems and bring along new features which are still in beta phase . To read more about BiteSMS and its quick sms features , follow the link here : BiteSMS Jailbreak App

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