Beware of Fake GreenPois0n Site

Update : Fake Video on YouTube

The guy who created the fake GreenPois0n site has now posted a video in YouTube under an anonymous username [having just one video upload – that makes it all suspicious] . He has got a fake .exe icon that will infect your computer , so STAY AWAY FROM FAKE GREEN POSI0N .info SITE , I repeat STAY AWAY FROM FAKE GREEN POSI0N .info . I am not adding the links here for obvious reasons .


Please share this post with your Facebook friends , tweet this message . Alert them all . This Fake jailbreak can make things worse.

If you are an iPhone user , chances are you have already heard of the next iPhone 4 jailbreak named GreenPois0n that is undergoing development and is expected to be released anytime this month.

More info about GreenPois0n here .

greenpois0n_jailbreak_iphone_4As we are keeping a close eye on the latest Green Pois0n developments and the GreenPois0n website , it has come to our notice that a fake website having the same URL is trying to infect users with viruses.

Please beware of which site you visit. The Original GreenPois0n website is . Dont trust any other domain like .net , .org or .info which is suspected to be the culprit here. These fake sites may access your info by infecting with some malicious script.

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