Apple working on Wireless Charging for iPhone

Apple has been granted patent for a wireless charging design that allows the device to use induction for charging the battery without connecting with the USB cable . This will make the charging experience of iOS users much convenient . You will be able to easily charge your iPhone , iPod or iPad by placing it on the charging stationĀ  . You can see the patented design named “Antenna Insert” here .

Completely Wireless Charging :

Inductive-Charger-iphone 4s

The docking station, as you would expect charges the docked device without any wired contact through inductive coupling . The technology would ensure that devices of different shapes and sizes could more easily be charged through a docking station or charging pad (image below) . Using the new wireless docking station the company will take a step forwards towards a complete wireless future . Apple has already implemented WiFi Sync and iCloud where you can transfer and backup all content without using cables . With inductive charging you will have to keep the device close to the charging station and it will automatically charge the battery on the phone .

Already Available Technologies :

Companies like PowerMat and Energizer are already in the market with easy to use inductive charging solutions for iPhone . With these type of chargers there is no hassle of connecting and disconcerting the cable. Whenever you receive a call , just pick up the device from the charging pad and answer your call . Place it back and it starts charging again .

Overcoming Technical Difficulties :

Critics say that when a mobile phone is connected to an inductive power source, the electromagnetic interference will degrade the wireless reception on the device . But Apple has come up with a solution for this building a “Reradiating Antenna” into the dock, that couples with the antenna on the mobile device to prevent wireless reception from degrading. This mechanism would boost both, voice as well as data signals .

It is not clear if Apple will bundle this wireless charging dock with the iPhones or sell it as a separate accessory.

Buy inductive Charger for iPhone :

There are many cheap variants of the wireless charger available in the market . We recommend the top two PowerMat and Energizer for using safely with iPhone 3GS , iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S . No solution for iPod Touch and iPad is available right now . Works with other phones also . eg Blackberry , Nokia , HTC , Samsung .