Best Places to Sell Your Used iPhone 4S – iPhone 4

You might sell your old iPhone because you want to upgrade or buy the new model, change phones completely or get rid of a broken device.

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Selling a phone is simple and easy nowadays with the shelf life of some phones, especially iPhones, getting longer and longer. Not everyone is looking to upgrade to the newest model and this is where you can make money on your older devices. A broken phone will be bought by some companies, even a broken iPhone 3GS will earn you a bit of cash, even if it os only a small amount.

So the question is where is the best place to sell your iPhone ? Where offers seller protection ? Where will you get the most money ?

1. eBay

This is certainly the first place that springs to mind. If you have the time to list your item attractively and spend a few minutes sending it off once the auction ends this is definitely the best place for you.

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The downsides to eBay are that it’s an auction site, even though you stand to get more for your phone then the price offered by a third party company you have to wait out the duration of the auction. If you need quick money you put it on as a Buy It Now, although you will be limiting the amount you can get for it, and you might still have to wait the full amount of time before someone buys it.

If your item gets lost in the post and you will have to refund the money to the buyer, although you can claim through the post office this can still mess plans up, especially if you have used have already used the money.

2. Amazon
amazon trade in program iphone 4s

If you use the Amazon Trade In store you will get the amount your device is worth credited to an Amazon gift card for your use on anything on the site. If you get through phones at quite a rate you might want to start thinking about this kind of service, especially if you let all your old phones gather dust in a draw. A few trade ins and you might have a birthday or some Christmas presents sorted.

3. Apple Recycling Programming
apple recycling program

If you send your iPhone back to Apple then they they recycle it in accordance with their environmental policy and if the phone has monetary value they will pay you for the device.

4. Papers, Ads, Craiglist

This is a way similar to eBay that will allow you to set the price but can yield quicker results. Some local papers will advertise for free, or if not the fee is not huge. Ads in shop windows will also get people’s attention especially as they will be able to come and see the device they are buying before they pay for it. This is a huge plus for some people. Craigslist is on an online advert and is very popular with both sellers and buyers and being on the web it will reach far more people.

5. Trade In Websites


verizon iphone trade in page

Third party trade in websites can offer a really good rate for your iPhone. Check for price guarantees so that if you find a website that would give you more you can claim the difference. Do you research and ask on forums to learn which are the best ones. There are loads out there and certainly going to be one to suit your needs.

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